Neil is an engaging and dynamic public speaker, and a specialist on the sub-conscious behaviours that drive our decisions. He is an expert at bridging complex theory with real-world understanding. Neil developed his love of psychology early on when he was studying to be a PE teacher, specialising in sports psychology. This passion expanded into the psychology of decision making, in particular decisions involving money.

Neil’s public speaker career began back in early 1990’s as a professional compère for Rank Leisure. During this time he was in charge of running the main entertainment venue, frequently speaking in front of  2,000+ people. It is this grounding that gave Neil his unique presentation style – his ability to be fluid with his presentations, to be highly interactive with the audience, and to be very memorable!

Neil is also an entrepreneur and Founder of Suitable Strategies, a leading financial behaviour specialist. Over the years, he has worked with some of the most influential brands in financial services, and has featured as a regular speaker, both in the UK and internationally, presenting to thousands of business professionals. His interactive, light-hearted style make his presentations highly engaging, educational, and thought-provoking.

“Neil is not your stereotypical conference speaker. I laughed and I learned. A great combo!”

“a truly brilliant and thought provoking presentation on the psychology of decision making.”


Watch a short excerpt of Neil being interviewed for a financial services company on the subject of how investors make decisions.

This is part of a series of videos and blogs provided, all on the subject of consumer behaviour and financial capability.


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When people make decisions, there are two main mental systems at work. One, a quick and intuitive system; the other, a more laboured, hard-working system. Both serve us well, but with a worrying degree of frequency, we try and by-pass this hard working system to reach quicker decisions. These mental short-cuts (heuristics) can lead to a whole host of mistakes when we make decisions.

In this highly educational presentation, Neil talks about the science behind our decisions, how we make them, how to spot the short-cuts, and what to do to make better, more informed decisions.